Don’t Work Around The Kitchen

When working at your office, you might be pretty far from the break room, or avoid keeping snacks at your desk. These factors might not seem like much, but they certainly help keep you from eating too much at work. But at home, everything is just a few steps away. To help keep you from grazing at the refrigerator during your downtime, try keeping your workstation away from the kitchen.

Schedule Your Snacks And Meals

Keeping a regular schedule is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet. If you don’t have a schedule to your meals, it can be easy to overeat or undereat. To help keep your hunger in check, keep a regular mealtime. Snacktimes should be regular as well – keep notes on when you get those mid-afternoon cravings.

Keep Up (or Start) Meal Prep And Portioning

During normal times when working in the office, it’s easier to keep an eye on your calorie count and nutrition thanks to meal prepping and packing lunches. Working at home, your portions and selections might be much more random. When you pack a lunch, you spend more time thinking about quality and quantity. Meal prep is an easy way to have a regular and well-balanced diet, and your snacking habits should follow the same rules. If you have a favorite afternoon snack, make sure to keep within reasonable portions. Look up standard serving sizes for your snacks to keep from overeating, and try to portion out these amounts for that afternoon break time. If you continue to pay close attention to meal prep and portioning your meals and snacks at home, you’ll find your diet improves.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important aspects of your diet is your hydration. Water is crucial to your body’s functions, including digestion and hunger regulation. Keeping well hydrated is as important as eating the right amount, and is easier to maintain. If you have a water-bottle that you would otherwise bring to work, keep it on hand even at home. Maybe invest in a water-filter pitcher to have clean water on hand at all times.