Pushing your physical limits when going to the gym is inherent in fitness. The idea of improving your health or building muscle is the reason why people maintain such a regular gym schedule. Yet, there can be times when our determination and desire for immediate results can push your physical limits too far. Listen to your body, as there may be some signs and symptoms that you may be exhausting yourself too much in your workout routines. 

Moderation in physical training is essential. Too much training with little rest or recovery after intense workouts leads to overtraining, which causes tremendous stress on muscles, joints, and bones.  Weekend warriors are just as much at risk as professional athletes. Fatigue and soreness are normal after a workout, but exhaustion, pain, and burnout are not. Here are some signs that you may be overdoing your workout. 


Too Sore

Soreness, a sign that a workout was successful, can also feel good.  Slight soreness and fatigue are normal, but if you are unable to move a particular part of your body, dial down. Lingering pain that lasts more than a week indicates you are going too far.  Give your body an adequate amount of time to heal from the soreness before returning to exercise appropriately. 


Too Much

Becoming obsessive or overlooking essential daily tasks to work out is another sign you may be overdoing it. Choosing exercise over work obligations or family time may not be a bad thing on occasion. But if you focus on scheduling your next workout to the exclusion of other activities, that is when you may need to assess your level of commitment to fitness. 

Don’t let skipped workouts drive you to push your body too far. After taking days or weeks off of your routine, you may feel as if you need to “catch up” for lost time. Don’t fall prey to this misconception, which can do your body more harm than good.  

It is essential to listen to your body, find a routine, and slowly increase your difficulty over time. Don’t risk your health or potential damage to your body for quick fitness results.